Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Old Apple Tree Festival Cider Pressing

Interested in volunteering with the pressing operation?
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From the Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation website:

Old Apple Tree Festival

The annual Old Apple Tree Festival is a celebration centered on the oldest living apple tree in the Northwest, planted at Fort Vancouver in 1826.
Old Apple Tree Park, located on Columbia Way just east of Interstate 5 Bridge, will host the festival from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 6, 2012.
Providing family fun, food and history of Vancouver's Old Apple Tree, the festival celebrates our community's legacy. Throughout the day Urban Forestry Commissioners give away cuttings from the Old Apple Tree; cuttings are limited and will be given out until they are gone. This is a free, family friendly event with activities for children, fruit tree pruning workshops, food, live music, apple cider pressing, tours of Fort Vancouver, and a scarecrow contest.
Press your apples at the cider station and take home a jug of fresh cider. Bring a clean jug and apples that are picked from a tree, not from the ground, so they are free of dirt and bruising. *Please note: to follow health code, the apples will be dipped in a sanitation bath before being pressed. We will not be able to press your apples if they are bruised or dirty.
The Vancouver Watershed's Alliance will host the second annual Scarecrow Contest, with prizes! For more information or to enter, visit the contest page.

Interested in volunteering with the pressing operation?
Drop us an email~ SwwaCiderists@gmail.com

About SWWA Ciderists

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Southwest Washington Ciderists is a local club organized for the promotion, sharing, and enjoyment of cider, both hard and sweet, in the Southwest Washington & Portland, Oregon areas.  
Fall apple pressing at Peculiar Ambitions.

We welcome amateur to professional cider makers, with the goal of creating an environment where everyone is comfortable, cider is shared, and knowledge is passed between fellow ciderists. We plan on holding local meetings, cider pressing events, cider socials, educational workshops, and other activities as our club grows.  

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